St. Tammany Chamber PAC

Taking our voice to the next level in 2016

We are very excited to announce the formation of the St. Tammany Chamber PAC. The potential to form a PAC has been considered by our Board of Directors for several years. Our goal to serve as the voice of business for our members has been carried out to the highest possible level. In order to be a more effective voice, the time has come for the formation of a PAC as a means to make our voice most effective and more prominent in St. Tammany Parish, in the region, and the state. 
In February, an email survey and notice was sent to our entire membership explaining the pros, cons and offering frequently asked questions and answers about business organizations forming political action committees (PACs). Combined with input from focus groups and several PAC committee meetings, our Board of Directors, at their June 30 meeting, voted to establish a political action committee. Steps have been taken to acquire the required form 8871 tax status and the name St. Tammany Chamber PAC has been adopted.
While the PAC is now established, membership in the PAC will be separate and apart from St. Tammany West Chamber of Commerce membership, with each having its own bank accounts, separating all funds. 
As a five-star accredited chamber, we have proven our effectiveness as a business support organization. The formation of a PAC is strongly encouraged to maintain this highest accreditation ranking. It will enable us to grow our grass roots effort to increase voter turnout, encourage strong business minded candidates to run for office, and importantly, enable us to add muscle by endorsing not only issues, amendments, tax renewals, etc., but finally, the option to endorse business minded political candidates.
In order to be a member of the PAC an individual or business must first be a member of our Chamber of Commerce. Initial contributions by PAC task force leaders have already been made and the bank account opened. In mid-January, the first annual meeting of the PAC membership will be called and nominations taken for its board of directors. 
Should you have any questions please contact:

Larry Manshel
Chamber 2015 Chairman of the Board

John Donahue
Chamber 2015 Chairman of the Board