Common Core

On October 29, our board of directors released a formal statement regarding Common Core.  While some local and national business groups have come out in support of it, others are opposed. As of our February 25 board meeting, we have not taken a formal position. We continue to fact-find, educate and monitor the legislative arena.

As the voice of business in St. Tammany West, our Chamber serves as a resource to our members for information and leadership on issues that affect the economy, quality of life and overall business environment here.

Excellence in education has long been of interest to the business community, particularly with regard to its impact on workforce development. Recently, the implementation of national Common Core Standards has taken center stage in the topic of K-12 education in St. Tammany Parish. Business leaders, educators, administrators and parents have differing views of the issue.

While most agree that the goal of attaining highest possible quality of education is beneficial to our children and our businesses, some disagree that the standards being introduced or the pace or method by which they are introduced, are the path to achieve that goal.

Multiple bills addressing Common Core Standards are expected by opening day of the 2014 legislative session. In the meantime, the St. Tammany West Chamber of Commerce is committed to continue studying the Common Core Standards, their methodology and impact, evaluating the pros and cons, and offering our members the opportunity to participate in and/or learn from that process.

The Chamber strongly supports education excellence and intends to deliver resources to our members to investigate, debate, and decide the best way to move education initiatives forward, respecting the unique environment of our West St. Tammany community.

Currently, the St. Tammany West Chamber action steps pertaining to Common Core are:

  • Continue gathering and disseminating links to informative resources for benefit of our members and the business community;
  • Continue studying the issue and its impact to formulate informed articles to benefit our members and the business community; and
  • Host follow-up events similar to the Northshore Legislative Alliance breakfast meeting of Feb. 4 to educate and inform our members and the business community.

As the ability to effect change opens with the upcoming legislative session, our Chamber commits to use any facts gathered to influence our representatives, with excellence in education as our goal.

UPDATED February 25, 2014

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